Crazy footage from the referee’s body camera in the MLS vs Liga MX All-Star Game


Football develops. The game is getting more and more influenced growth of new technologies. The potential impact of these technologies cannot be underestimated, after all, just look how VAR has changed the game over the past few years.

MLS is the latest league to dive into the latest technology. He spent aran evolutionary experiment by placing a camera on the referee’s chest during an MLS All-Star vs Liga MX game.

The images that were shown from the game caused a lot of backlash. They give the viewer A first-hand view of everything the referee sees: protests, fouls, sprints, penalties and more.

Football fans are likely to embrace this technology with open arms due to its immersive understanding of the game. It really makes for a real spectacle. Who knows, maybe it will even make the fans feel a little more sympathetic towards the referees!


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