Cracking the truth: This is how Tamara Falcó found out about her partner’s infidelity


Just three days ago, a video of Íñigo Onieva kissing a woman came out and it ended up ruining it entrepreneur Completely different from Tamara Falcó, different details have not ceased to be made public, including how The Marquise of Grignon news

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

apparently daughter Isabelle Pressler She was one of the first to see the video, thanks to the most fitting hack of her phone.According to journalist Daniel Carande is a radiorevealing all the details surrounding this month’s soap opera:”On Friday mornings, Íñigo and Tamara are exercising together.They hacked Tamara’s phone and put the video on the WhatsApp status…until she found out and reset the phone, people didn’t take the video…I can seeconfirming the correspondent, implying that, like him, all calls are in the winner’s contact list chef celebrity They saw the video for the first time and therefore saw Carolina Moraes’ son cheating on his girlfriend.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva with cell phone / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva with cell phone / Gtres

For his part, Íñigo has always denied what happened and stood by his beliefs, as he did to the media last Friday afternoon, clarifying that the events took place in 2019, when he had not joined the Marchioness:”He told her “No, Tami no, it’s 2019. I’m wearing the shirt and necklace I always wear at the holidays”.She believed it, they went to the wedding‘, the project’s collaborators went on to reveal, suggesting that at first, Anthill She seemed convinced by her boyfriend’s story, though she finally realized that a number of factors pointed to the infidelity that happened less than a month ago.That is, the music playing in the background of the video was released this year, so it is impossible to play burning man three seasons ago. On the other hand, in the images recorded on Íñigo Onieva’s social network, the girl who accompanied her said that it was her first time at the Nevada festival, so she could not see the businessman on any other occasion.

Íñigo Onieva and a woman who is not Tamara / Tiktok
Íñigo Onieva and a woman who is not Tamara / Tiktok

Given all the data, Alejandra Oneeva He has no choice but to sing fault He admitted his mistake and then publicly apologized to Tamara and her family. Now, only the Marquise of Grignon is left with witnesses, plucking up the courage to speak up and reveal the status of her relationship with her ex-fiancé, and whether they are still going on with their most infamous wedding. last year. .


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