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Rico is a beagle cross from Malinois with skeletal outlines rescued by the team from the Saint-Dié-des-Vosges shelter (88), a partner of the 30 million Friends Foundation. His owner put a muzzle on him under the pretense of avoiding his barking. A lawsuit was filed for animal cruelty, and the 30M Friends Foundation filed a civil lawsuit.

Deprived of life! In Moyenmoutier, in the Vosges mountains, the emaciated state of a dog has drawn community attention and mobilization. The shelter of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (88) – a partner of the 30 million friends foundation – intervened with the support of the city police. ” The owner let us in and he came back from another room with his dog muzzled and on a leashappointed by joined by Vice President of Structure Nicolas Cuny. I had hallucinations when I saw the thinness of the animals. » « This guy even had the guts to put a brand new pack of croquettes on the table ‘, the aggrieved animal advocate.

“If we had left the dog with him, he would have died”

Muzzle – used “as an excuse” avoid barking – Did it stop the animals from eating? Or lack of power? ” The owner didn’t see the problem at first, and later admitted that his dog had lost weight. There, he claimed he planned to take him to the vet…he was only 200m from home. ! “, Nicholas Cooney protested. The carpet soaked in urine also seemed to confirm the testimony that the animals did not benefit from regular daytime outings. If the owner denied the fact, he still agreed to give up his dog.” If we leave it to him, he will die ‘ said the young man.

File a lawsuit for abuse

According to the veterinarian who examined him, the animal appeared at advanced thinness » corresponds to « BMI 2/9 “(1/9 stage leading to animal death, editor’s note),” Potentially dangerous to their overall health and incompatible with a proper assessment of animal welfare ”. Rico is currently Treatment at the asylum in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (88) Before being proposed for adoption. ” he has gained weightNicolas Cuny said with a smile. We will have to work on education so that he can successfully reach his future family. »

A lawsuit has been filed against livestock cruelty, and the 30 Million Friends Foundation has filed a civil lawsuit.


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