Court blocks Biden’s transgender mandate to force religious hospitals to facilitate gender transitions


A victory for religious freedom against an American president who prioritizes the far-left agenda over the rights of Americans.

Let’s also hope that “gender affirming care” for underage children can be stopped; it is nothing short of child abuse.

“Transgender Mandate: Court Blocks Biden Mandate Mandating Faith-Based Hospitals to Facilitate Gender Transitions,” by Caroline Downey, National Review, December 9, 2022:

A federal court on Friday blocked a Biden administration mandate that would force religious hospitals and doctors to facilitate gender transitions against their sincere moral convictions.

The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision to block application of the rule on the grounds that “the Catholic Plaintiffs’ intrusion into the exercise of religion is sufficient to show harm irreparable,” the presentation read.

Catholic nuns, clinics, a university and hospitals were among the plaintiffs in the case, represented by the Becket Fund. All of the plaintiffs provide healthcare to transgender patients, but refuse to perform gender transition surgeries because they believe it is harmful. His grant of permanent injunctive relief from the lower court was upheld on Friday.

Friday’s ruling, which originated in North Dakota, is one of a set of twin cases challenging Biden’s tenure. The second, which originated in Texas, was decided in August by the Fifth Circuit court, which also blocked the rule permanently. The plaintiffs in the Texas case included Christian medical associations for thousands of doctors who are now protected from federal intrusion into their practices.

“Now we have two different federal appeals courts saying that the Biden administration is permanently blocked from forcing religious doctors and hospitals” to perform gender transitions in violation of their conscience, Luke Goodrich, a lawyer for the Becket Fund, said during a call with journalists… .


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