Countdown to the ‘acid test’ of Amalia from the Netherlands: ‘captive’ princess


This year that is about to end has been unusual for Princess Amalia. The eldest daughter of the Kings of Holland He celebrated his coming of age at the end of 2021, an important step for her, who in the future will become queen of the country, following in her father’s footsteps. After spending a few months away from the media spotlight and enjoying a sabbatical year, Amalia began classes at the University of Amsterdam in September.

Amalia from Holland at the University of Amsterdam / Gtres

As confirmed by the Royal House, the eldest daughter of the Kings Máxima and Guillermo studies Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the university and in this new stage she moved to an apartment in the city of Amsterdam. However, even though it was a happy time for her, he has been marred by threats by an organized crime groupwhich have forced the Princess to interrupt her normal university education and return to the Huis Ten Bosch Palace, as well as to limit her outings.

a different birthday

Although for now it has not been revealed if the Royal Family has planned some kind of special celebration for the heiress’s birthday, just a few days ago, the Royal House revealed that the Princess has already been able to have a first contact with the Armed Forceslike other royals of her generation, such as Elisabeth from the Belgians or Ingrid from Norway.

Amalia from Holland / Gtres
Amalia from Holland / Gtres

In a series of snapshots released by the Dutch Government Information Service The Princess can be seen taking part in an introduction into the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Royal Netherlands Army and the Royal Netherlands Navy. Some visits that, although they have now been made public, took place last spring. In them, Amalia appears very smiling and focused on learning about the work of the different bodies that make up the Armed Forces. The Princess has flown a fighter jet, driven a tank, and even dived in a submarine.

Unlike other countries such as Spain or the United Kingdom, the monarchs of the Netherlands are not the heads of the Armed Forces, but they are allowed to wear uniforms in certain galas. King William has worn it at his wedding or on the occasion of the annual Veterans Day commemoration. Likewise, they tend to have military training, in fact, while he was Prince, the current monarch had three armies. For now it is not known if Amalia will also do the same.


What is known is that its institutional role will increaseAbove all, once you finish your university education. In fact, from his majority he already has the ability to act as regent, even though he has not done so. It is expected that, in just a few months, the heiress, who still does not have a prominent role at the institutional level, will accompany her parents on an official trip to the Caribbean. It will be her first trip of these characteristics and an important step for Amalia, a full-fledged ‘acid test’.


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