Could Napoli be the last club for Cristiano Ronaldo to play in the UEFA Champions League?

Cristiano Ronaldo still in Manchester UnitedMeanwhile, the end of the transfer market is nearing. Although he has indicated his intention to leave the club on several occasions, no one has taken any serious steps to negotiate his transfer so far.

Sporting Portugal continue to dream of Cristiano’s return to the Lisbon club, although the operation remains very difficult for the Portuguese team.

On the other hand, from Italy indicate that Napoli would also be interested in the services Cristiano Ronaldo. It is reported that the Italian side is studying a possible transfer with Cristiano’s agent. Jorge Mendesace Gianluca diMarzio you specified. Although this is a very difficult transfer for Napoli, Di Marzio has indicated that, subject to several conditions, it is possible to sign him.

Selling to make money available

The sale of one of the Italian team’s star players could ease the operation. Thus, the focus is on the Nigerian Victor Osimhen, who is valued by the club at more than 100 million euros.

Napoli still want Osimhen

However, it does not seem easy that at this stage of the market, any team appears ready to release such an amount of money in Osimhen. Moreover, the leadership of Napoli also does not intend to part with their valuable asset.

A sharp drop in his salary

Another option is that Cristiano decides to give up a large part of the salary he earns at the Red Devils to join Napoli, as the Italians cannot afford to pay such a large amount to any player.

It remains to be seen whether Cristiano will accept such a refusal, but his supporters are very few, and the Portuguese’s chances to leave Old Trafford are fading every day.


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