Could Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan start World War III?

Tconflict between China and USA reached a record high thanks to Nancy Pelosiwho decided to visit Taiwan with a messenger from US government. in Speaker of the United States House of Representatives made this reckless decision despite threats from the Chinese government, which warned that there would be serious consequences if it continued with its plan.

According to Pelosi, she is doing this to protect democracy by recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state. Although China never recognized Taiwan as such, they consider it another Chinese province from time immemorial. FROM PelosiSince landing, China has made 21 air incursions into Taiwanese airspace, posing a clear threat to the country. China is clearly unhappy with this decision.

China summons the US ambassador.

Against the backdrop of this clear provocation by the United States Chinese government decided to call the US ambassador to discuss Pelosi’s visit. This is the highest visit from the US to Taiwan in 25 years. Pelosi is now considered the “chief troublemaker” for this.

Men in Taiwan divided as many welcomed her arrival, but also feared that the event would only heighten tensions between them and China. AT Beijing, they believe that this was a blatant disregard for China’s policy and a complete disrespect for its desire not to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state. Tensions could escalate further on Wednesday, but we need to analyze how much they can rise.

Can Nancy Pelosi unleash World War III?

Nancy Pelosi the actions only heightened tensions between the Chinese and American armies. Both sides are listening to their superiors to better assess the situation. Although it is still very premature to talk about World War III, Nancy Pelosi’s actions have certainly turned it into a modern cold war between China and the United States of America. Russia supports China’s position, obviously.


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