Costumes taken from “Emily of Paris” are only available at Stradivarius at incredible prices


Stradivarius brought to Spain a costume that appeared to be taken from the “Emily of Paris” collection At an incredible price, less than 40 euros.this Windbreaker It is a typical mid-season clothing. Autumn is synonymous with windy, cold and rainy afternoons. The change in temperature means that we must already have a decisive dress in our wardrobe, a beautiful windbreaker worthy of the mythical series. ‘Emily in Paris’ It’s an outstanding series in which we can see the latest trends in fashion. One of the trench coats and Stradivari.

Stradivarius bought a costume from “Emily in Paris” at an incredible price

The first cold arrived in Paris Together with them, we need to let the protagonist of “Emily of Paris” wrap herself up. In addition to the timeless classics, classic trench coats that will never go out of style, we can wear them on many occasions and always look good. It will not match with any other clothing.

The raincoat of the protagonist of this story And our fall, thanks to the low-cost version of Stradivarius. The Spanish brand decided to work very hard. This “Emily in Paris” model is available in 6 different colors. It perfectly fits our tastes and wardrobes, allowing us to have perfect styles in all aspects.

Some colors are out of stock Among the most popular sizes, the madness of Parisian trench coats is all the rage. Stradivarius knows very well how to create clothes that people will fall in love with at a glance, and it is the most practical. It is impossible to find a more fashionable mid-season jacket at such a low price.

Costumes taken from

Only 39.99 euros This is the price we pay for a raincoat worth making a TV show, or a walk in Paris or New York in the fall. It’s time to fill our wardrobe or prepare a spectacular piece with a series of high-end details for the upcoming season.

Raincoats are made of lightweight fabrics, which can help us cover our bodies on windy or rainy days. Thanks to this piece, we can use it at any time, matching the belt and buttons to make it fit as much as possible to the body. If you are looking for a trench coat that suits you Combined with all your wardrobes, Stradivarius is the most beautiful, the hard part is choosing the most suitable color.

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