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The end of the season at RC Lens, the wedding at the beginning of June (with Anne: congratulations!) and from June 29 David Beckham’s club reports: In the life of Corentin Jean, whose career will continue under the guidance of the Miami palm! Signed through 2024 plus two optional additional years.

However, his debut was marked by a problem: if the season is over in France, it is not so in MLS, where it continues until at least October (and then possibly in the final stages (“play-offs”)). And the French striker (he plays as a center forward or a winger) did not have enough time to prepare and suffered a groin injury. The day before, on July 30, he had an assist against Cincinnati. In August, he took part in the match for a few minutes, but he could not win his place definitively. One can only hope that he will be able to play again quickly, as he is the only Frenchman at the club in a pink shirt (sportingly, anyway, since Higuain was actually born in Brest, but chose Argentina for his international career). World champion Blaise Matuidi’s contract was terminated in January after just a few months at InterMiami.

If some players come from France to have a good end to their career in the United States, that is not the case with Corentin Jean. Just 27 years old, the Blois native was an international youth player but did not find the club success he expected. His debut at Troyes was spectacular, but his subsequent spells at Monaco, Toulouse and Lens less so. When he took up Inter Miami’s offer in June, it was no accident. The club has been at the bottom of the MLS standings since their debut in 2020. In the US, the season starts at the end of winter… and in March 2020, they were outright deprived of the public due to the pandemic. It’s not as easy as the beginnings. Today, two years later, the cornerstone of their stadium in Miami is still unfinished. As a result, they continue to play in nearby Fort Lauderdale. But Lauderdale is no less beautiful than Miami. And if beginnings are hard, no one ever thought that David Beckham was delusional. It takes time to build a successful team, even in MLS. Finally, the public found their feet at Drive Pink Stadium in Lauderdale. The team has grown and Corentin Jean has pinned his hopes on a team that has as much ambition as him. As of spring 2022, Inter Miami CF is developing rapidly. The further arrival of Spaniard Alejandro Pozuela on July 7 appears to bolster the workforce. Balls fly forward where the team’s superstar, Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain, makes the powder talk, just like in his glory days at Real Madrid. While waiting for Corentin to finally find his place by his side. In any case, the team is brave, beautiful to watch (we urge you to support them) and will finish the season in mid-table. If she manages to grab one of the first seven places, she can play in the playoffs. Otherwise, it will probably be the last year that he doesn’t play them.

Game-winning pass by “Coco” on July 30 vs. Cincinnati (6:16 away):

So Corentin Jean came to Miami to finish building one of the best teams in MLS and the future of “soccer” in the United States. We will therefore have to monitor both his own development and the development of a great team.

The final two games of the regular season in Fort Lauderdale will be very hot: Orlando comes on October 5th, then it’s Montreal on the 9th!

Corentin Jean in Inter Miami CF colors (photo credit Inter Miami CF)


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