Copy the dresses that have joined Paula Echevarría and Princess Leonor


Last week, what was delivered before the concertPrincess of Asturias Foundation Award, Leonor wore a dazzling fuchsia wrap dress. This is the first time the king’s daughters have participated in this event, and it is also the first time we have seen this heiress, because she went to Wales to start her international diploma studies at the end of August. Atlantic CollegeThere he met with students from all over the world, except for the second daughter of the king of the Netherlands, Princess alexia.

Leonor and dress / Gtres

The model in question, in a vibrant fuchsia-fully in line with the trend-with V-neck, lantern sleeves and mid-length is The iconic Cairo woman. The Spanish-made brand designs and manufactures clothing for today’s women at competitive prices, keeping up with the latest trends, but also providing suggestions for any body shape and age, with a certain timeless flavor, such as Leonor’s dresses. The price barely exceeds the 60 Euro option, which makes it a safe choice.

In recent days, Leonor is not the only one who has been surprised by the style of these characteristics. Paula Echevarria I’m attending a wedding this weekend Talavera de la Reina For this reason, he chose an appearance very similar to Leonor.The actress chose a magenta dress Signed U.S. and Europe, There is a cross pattern at the waist, a fringed belt, an asymmetric skirt with a ruffle at the bottom, lantern sleeves, high cuffs with jewel buttons and marked shoulder pads. A model that suits him is like a glove, priced at 209 Euros and is currently sold out online, although the company says they are already producing more products. He combined it with some white court shoes, which gave him a different feel to the style and the original headwear. Signed Kerubina, And earrings from Fetiche Suanzes.

Thanks to Bedford Street, two very similar appearances can now be reproduced.The platform provides signature design Sophie and Lucy Only 79 euros. Of course, it only provides 34 yards. Bedford Street is a small second-hand and retro brand. It emerged in a completely closed situation. It is the result of years of research and search for a business model that provides sustainable solutions in the industry. Fashion. Unlike other second-hand companies, Bedford Street It is known for its casual and chic style and the quality of the clothes it provides. They work with a limited number of high-quality brands with the aim of avoiding any brand’s fOriental fashion, This violates their principle.

Bedford Street Dress/Courtesy

This company provides customers with high-quality vintage and second-hand clothing, including rare and iconic items that are hard to find elsewhere. All goods come from your community and European wholesalers who provide the highest quality. The brand is committed to sustainable development All levels: reuse, reduce and recycle. They promote circular fashion and responsible consumption. It is best to buy low-quality clothes and wear them longer. Therefore, the goal is to extend the life cycle of the clothes as much as possible.

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