Copenhagen Cowboy Official Trailer Released.


The Copenhagen Cowboy trailer was released on November 24, 2022. While acclaimed director Nicolas Winding Refn is best known for using neon lights as his hallmark in his films, he has a lot of work to do if you go on a road trip with the Danish director.

The latest trailer for the Netflix show Copenhagen Cowboy highlights this. Set to premiere in early January, the six-part narrative follows a woman who finds herself in the criminal heart of Denmark in search of revenge.

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Copenhagen Cowboy Official Trailer Dump

The latest Copenhagen Cowboy trailer promises to have a few standard features from Winding Refn’s workgroup, offbeat subjects like weird footage, and an eerie undertone.

The video also makes it clear that the series will record a revenge plot. Still, how it’s conveyed due to uncertain timelines, locations, and character actions can test our understanding of storytelling.

The trailer suggests that the movie will be a revenge drama about a mysterious lady who joins the criminal underworld in the same city. “An exciting neon-lit film noir series that follows the mysterious young heroine Miu for six episodes.”

It traverses the bleak landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal underworld after a lifetime of slavery and on the eve of a new beginning. As he embarks on an adventure through the natural and magical worlds in search of justice and revenge, he meets his nemesis, Rakel.

The past ultimately shapes and determines their future as the two ladies realize that they are not alone but many.

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Cast in Copenhagen Cowboy

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Zlatko Buric, Andreas Lykke Jrgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, LiIi Zhang and Dragana Milutinovic feature in Copenhagen Cowboy. Sara Isabella Jönsson, Johanne Algren and Mona Masri are among the writers on board.

Creator and director Winding Refn is accompanied by award-winning cinematographer Magnus Nordenhof Jack (A War).

For those who have followed “nepo baby”, the series represents the first collaboration between Winding Refn and his daughter Corfixen, who plays one of the main characters. With this attempt, the past truly defines the future.

Copenhagen Cowboy hits theaters in January. The series will air on January 5, 2023. Netflix.


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