Conversations with Friends Season 2: Here’s Everything We Know


Hulu abandoned the second season Conversation with friends.

12 half-hour episodes based on Sally Rooney’s first novel finally got out.

A story about two best friends and ex girlfriends that form a relationship with a married couple complicate the situation when the dynamics of the group change after various cases.

Frances, Bobby and Melissa met at an open mic night to read poetry. Then Melissa introduced Frances and Bobby, friends again and again. Nick, her husband.

Melissa introduces a woman to Nick, actor, and Bobby’s husband.

Then, Nick and Francis started love relationship after feeling an instant spark.

People know about the romance between Nick and Francis. However, when Melissa allows Nick and Frances to continue their romance until it comes to an end.

Bobby and Francis rekindle their loveand Nick and Melissa stayed together.

However, there is a dramatic twist to the story.

by chance Nick calls Francis and eventually catch up. Frances tells Nick she’s been diagnosed endometriosis and cannot have children, which Nick dreamed of.

Even when Nick wants kids, Francis tells “Nick Come Get Me” after Nick told Frances that he had “an impulse to be available to you all the time”.

All 12 episodes Conversations with friends available for streaming to Hulu.

Producer’s words

Second season Conversations with friends will follow Hulu script than a novel written by Sally Rooney.

“Our whole life is unfinished stories until we finally leave,” said executive producer Ed Guinee.

“And there’s something very rewarding and enriching about seeing someone’s experience for a moment in time. Undoubtedly, they will all continue to do exciting things in some fictional universe.”


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