Container ship releases toxic gas in the waters of Victoria, Canada-zimo news


On Saturday, October 23, a fire broke out in the container on board. KingstonAccording to the Maritime Monitoring Station, a cargo ship carrying chemicals is anchored in the Juan de Fuca Strait near Victoria, British Columbia, which marks the maritime boundary between Canada and the United States Sea traffic.

From Saturday to Sunday night, the Canadian Coast Guard evacuated 16 people from the container ship “After a fire broke out in ten containers” The authorities said on Sunday that toxic gases will be emitted, and this situation will not pose any risk to residents on land. “No casualties were reported”, Danaos Shipping Co, the company that manages container ships, said on Sunday, In a statement to the Reuters news agency.

“Emergency area has been established [un mille nautique] During fire fighting operations, around the ship. There is currently no risk to the safety of people ashore, but the situation will continue to be monitored. “, She asserted.

“The fire is still a dynamic event, and an incident command post has been established to manage the situation. Rescuers are mobilizing to extinguish the fire and recover the containers that were removed from the ship on Friday.”, Also said it was the Coast Guard. The cause of the fire on Sunday is unclear.

“This ship contains more than 52,000 kg of xanthogenate, including potassium pentylxanthate, in two combustion vessels on the ship. This substance is classified by the US government as a spontaneous combustion substance. Potassium aminoxanthogenate Also poisonous”, Report website Radio canada, To quote the Coast Guard. These chemicals are used by the mining industry.

According to Radio Canada, [le Zim Kingston] It was hit by heavy waves on Friday and lost cargo about 70 kilometers from Vancouver Island and Washington State. “, And the 40 containers that the Canadian Coast Guard and their American counterparts tried to find in the Pacific.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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