Contacts between King Felipe and Juan Carlos and CNI exposed


this Detailed explanation of the relationship between CNI and the officialThis is what Fernando Rueda proposed in his latest work. Serve your majesty Answered some of the most unknown questions about this binomial.The author is one of the leading experts on the issue of Spanish espionage, and he proposed a Extensive and detailed research work It reviews the recent history of our monarchy from a perspective that has not been considered until now: the perspective of the relationship between the royal family and the secret service. The two institutions that are maintained and supported are behind the scenes, from the shadows, and direct the course of the event outside of public opinion.

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Serve your majesty This is about the connection between the monarchy and the Secret Service, which is a novel perspective from both perspectives. It allowed me to discover a hidden aspect of the main character, Kings Juan Carlos I and Felipe VIIn addition, there are spies and many spies heads who cannot be understood without their rule.” The author promises that he has revealed many of CNI’s successes and some of its extreme behaviors during his career as a journalist over the years.

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The protagonist of this work is not only King Juan Carlos and King Philip, But there are also members of the administrative staff and other authorities. Their little-known aspects are analyzed on the page of the work: “It allowed me to discover the hidden aspects of the main characters, King Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI. The world, but also spy chiefs and many agents, without them, their rule cannot be understood”, he emphasized.

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Rueda insisted that it was lonely King Juan Carlos In Franco’s Spain, this prompted him to consider it necessary to control the armed forces and seek protection from intelligence agencies, which were the same as those that monitored his father and himself. “That’s why, once he becomes the head of state, he always strives to make the spy chief the person he trusts most.” A situation followed Felipe VI ascended the throne: “The turning point in the relationship between the monarchy and the spy”, sentence. In fact, as the author explains: “The current director of CNI has established a completely professional relationship with King Felipe, which is different from the relationship between Juan Carlos and his predecessor.”

Throughout the first stage of the book King Juan Carlos In Franco’s Spain, as well as the changes brought about by the transitional period and successive democratic governments, during this period, at some point, the Secret Service had to deal with more personal questions about the monarch. Rueda even pointed out that some of the current king’s brides, including Mrs. Letizia, have been investigated by CNI: “Gigi Howard, Eva Sonam And Letizia Ortiz, Prince Felipe’s last three important girlfriends, were all investigated by agents. Some people think that the report on the current queen may be incomplete. “

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