Constantine director wants the sequel to be rated R


In a new interview, Constantine director Francis Lawrence says that with his long-awaited sequel to the 2005 superhero horror movie, he’ll be pushing for a hard R rating. Talking with the envelopeLawrence said he wants to do “what people originally always wanted, not the PG-13 version that just gets an R” like last time.

Lawrence added that while there will be a lot of violence in the upcoming movie, he also wants it to be a fun movie. “I think John Constantine is a fun character in a dark comic style,” said Lawrence. “I would definitely like to add more of that sarcastic, cynical sense of humor to the story. [in the sequel].”

In December of last year, long-dormant hopes for a Constantine sequel were revived when Keanu Reeves reiterated how much he would love to return to the role of John Constantine. Reeves shared his sentiments with Stephen Colbert during a promotional appearance to discuss The Matrix Resurrections. That appearance apparently provided enough ammunition for Lawrence and producer Akiva Goldsman to finally get the go-ahead to work on a sequel. Mainly, DC Comics had a legitimate claim on the character, and Lawrence told The Wrap that “all that craziness with DC” has finally been resolved, paving the way for a sequel nearly 20 years later.

A Constantine sequel isn’t a sure thing yet, but it’s most likely coming. In September of this year, Warner Bros. greenlit a sequel to Reeves’ movie, with Reeves re-teaming with Lawrence. No script has been written yet, but an idea is currently being developed. Goldsman will write the script and co-produce with JJ Abrams and Hannah Minghella.

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