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They sometimes accumulate in our pockets, purses or purses. Although receipts can sometimes seem more like an embarrassment, they can often prove invaluable when guaranteeing a warranty or returning a defective product. They are especially useful when you need to invoke legal guarantees of the conformity of items.

What is the legal guarantee for compliance?

Legal guarantees of compliance allow consumersGet a refund Or replace the product when it is found to be malfunctioning or unqualified. It involves the equipment itself and its packaging, assembly instructions and even installation. Mainly applicable to new movable goods to be manufactured, but also applicable to water and gas. The difference between it and the commercial warranty is its mandatory (the other is only optional and provided by the manufacturer) and the warranty of hidden defects , Including other fields, such as real estate. It also stands out from planned scrapping, which is also punished by law. The term of new goods is fixed at two years, starting from the delivery of the goods. According to the law, the responsibility lies not with the manufacturer of the item, but with the seller from whom you obtained the item.

Abuse is finally sanctioned

In the past, this legal obligation was sometimes bypassed by unscrupulous sellers, who fulfilled their promises without any explanation. These stores have become illegal due to refusing to be responsible for compensation or replacement of defective or non-compliant goods, or sometimes redirecting customers to the manufacturer of the product. Another common practice is to disguise the legal guarantee of compliance as a one-off commercial offer. For example, this is the case with the Darty logo, and the Seine-Saint-Denis Department of Population Protection (DDPP) imposed a fine of 25,000 euros in May 2020 for this reason.Therefore, this abuse led to the strengthening of the anti-waste law of February 10, 2020, namelyArticle L.211-2 of the Consumer Code.

List of affected products

From 1Uh In July 2021, the legal consistency guarantee of the new product must be mentioned on the sales receipt or sales invoice, whether in paper or non-physical form. Even if the relevant list is exhaustive, this obligation does not apply to all product lines. Disorganized home appliances, IT products, TVs, telephone, Cameras, DIY/gardening equipment, lamps, games and toys, as well as watches and sunglasses. On the other hand, if the law also requires online stores to comply with the regulations regarding legal guarantees of compliance, the obligations shown on receipts or invoices have not yet been planned.

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