Conservationists throw tomatoes at Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ against Leeds Terrass’ fracking plan


A group of environmentalists launched a tomato soup pot About the box sunflower of Van Gogh in National Gallery, London. The painting is protected by glass.

According to the environmental movement just stop the oil Through this act, they demand Immediately stop any new oil or gas projects, After the British Prime Minister, Liz Truss removes veto Hydraulic fracturing. Van Gogh’s paintings are worth more than 80 million euros.

“Is art more valuable than life? More than just food? More than just justice? Ask the environmental group and it denounces “the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis are driven by oil and gas”.

“Due to soaring gasoline prices, Millions of British households won’t be able to afford to heat up a can of soup this winter. Only civil resistance can get us out of this crisis: it’s time to stand up for what’s right,” he wrote. just stop the oil in social networks.

In these same networks, this movement calls for Shown in front of Westminster Gate every night at 11:00.

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