Conor McGregor once again criticized Usman for going out with his daughter at UFC 278


Conor McGregor opposed militants inviting their families to fight. Notorious wanted to send another message in this way to Kamaru Usman.

On Saturday, in UFC 278 Kamaru Usman lost by knockout to Leon Edwards in the fifth round. Edwards’ vicious head kick left the former champion unconscious on the canvas, surprising many fans and pundits who were confident Kamaru would win.

Uthman’s daughter was present at the said evening and had to be taken out as she wept loudly when her father was knocked out.

Conor McGregor posted a tweet about the event, in which he also criticized Usman’s decision: “I deeply regret this. I don’t recommend bringing your family at all.

Especially children. This is a different fight. I’ve been on both sides of it, and I think it’s best to go solo on a mission. You can see the family again after the battle. It will certainly continue to do so,” he said.

McGregor continues war with Kamaru Usman

Notorious continues his fight with Usman. And what after the knockout McGregor made fun of him through a Twitter post.

A fight between the two is likely to eventually happen given the history of vexation and ridicule that has existed between them for some time, though it’s unclear at this point when such a fight could happen.


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