Confusion over Kawaii Leonard’s recovery for the Clippers


ANDeverything seems a little confused Kawaii Leonard recovering from injuries, especially after the last message from Skip Bayless Fox Sports… The commentator advised that the player is likely to skip the rest of the season as he has not recovered from a partially torn ACL despite the operation.

Leonard failed during last year Western conference semi-final against Utah Jazz and it has been inactive since June 14th. Bayless should have different information because LA Clippers just reported something completely different Kawaii Leonard recovery.

Trainer Tyrone Liu I spoke with Southern California Newsgroup on Leonard’s progress in recent weeks trimmers… In spite of BaylessIt looks like the star is doing great as he even makes a few box jumps that would have been impossible if his knee hadn’t responded to the treatment.

Regardless of this report, trimmers has not yet confirmed a timetable for his possible return. Although this should happen sometime between late 2021 and early 2022. Here’s what Liu said on TNT broadcast:

“It’s just nice to see that he is active and that he can jump and progress as he is.

Coach Tyrone Liu on Leonard’s recovery.

Will the Clippers continue their unbeaten run?

Still without Leonard, then LA Clippers play against Minnesota Timberwolves v Staples center their winning streak is still active. In recent games, the Los Angeles team is making every effort against strong opponents and pleases their fans with what they see on the court. Paul George leads the team, but Kawaii Leonard will be a great addition to this well-balanced composition.

If this recovery goes as well as the Clippers, we could bring the star back to court sooner than expected. But we have yet to see if Leonard will be able to return to the level he had before this injury. Not all Nba players can get back to the best with ACL tears like the one he suffered. We all cross our fingers and pray that he will.

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