Concha Velasco’s son reveals how his mother is


It was last November 29 when shell velasco He reached the round figure of 83 years of age. A very different birthday from the one he had years ago, when she used to blow out the candles while standing on those tables that she so zealously refused to leave. But health rules and yours has been a little more vulnerable than you would like for a long time. And for this reason, he lives in her nursing home where they take care of her at all times, giving her all the care she needs.

shell velasco

Her son Manuel is in charge of visiting her every other day, as well as the main spokesperson to report on any news that arises around the actress. Although it is true that lately she is having more work than necessary since in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about an alleged worsening of the health of her parent. Be like her outside of it, it is clear that she needs personalized attention, not so much as to be admitted to a hospital, but 24 hours a day.

This December 8 was a most special day since all the Immaculate Ones celebrated their saint’s day. And what better way to congratulate her than by giving her a kiss and a hug. This is what Manuel has done, who has defied the heavy rain that has intensified throughout the day in Madrid to be with his mother. Upon leaving the residence where Concha Velasco is intern, he attended to the media present there, who stoically endured the downpour of water.

Manuel Velasco, attending to the media / Gtres
Manuel Velasco, attending to the media / Gtres

Manuel Velasco has spoken before the microphones with the education and courtesy that characterizes him. He has given the last minute about the state of health of his mother: “It’s weak, but fine”. A few concise words that serve to clearly see reality, which is none other than a progressive deterioration of Concha Velasco’s health but that does not prevent her from being properly.

What Manuel did not want to comment on was whether the children have made the decision to restrict visits to the residence to care even more for the delicate state of Concha. One of the personalities who could be photographed with her when they had not yet limited themselves was the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Concha Velasco / Instagram
Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Concha Velasco / Instagram

Later, and on the occasion of her birthday, it was the turn of two great friends of the Valladolid interpreter, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and José Sacristán. The latter cast some concern on the state of Concha Velasco: «She is weak, she is delicate, but as always the girl yeyé. There is no one who can with her. It’s loose, but it’s ok, it’s okay. He has a barbaric lucidity and he keeps remembering and being there, but anyway, what am I going to tell that isn’t imprudent? Concha Velasco is low-key, but she is Concha Velasco until she has to be », curiously, the same way of expressing himself that his son Manuel has used this Thursday.


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