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Madrid, November 17 (EFE) National and Cantabrian doctors resume their work in health centers.

The Amyts union, calling for an indefinite strike by out-of-hospital emergency doctors in Madrid since the last 7 days, sent the ministry its response to the latest proposal from the Ministry of Health, which included 78 continuing care centers, from those of which 49 would have a doctor, a nurse and a nurse. The rest, with nurse and caretaker.

Without going into detail on the content of his considerations, Amyts insists on continuing to maintain multidisciplinary teams with a doctor, a nurse and a beneficiary attendant, since staffing is the main sticking point in this conflict.

So a waiting period is maintained in the health dispute in the Community after the massive demonstration last Sunday, although Amyts – who has also called for an indefinite strike in all primary care from next Monday – sees a change of attitude at the General Directorate of the Madrid Health Service for emergencies.

In any case, this union together with SATSE Madrid, CCOO, CSIT Unión Profesional and UGT present this Thursday to the regional register the signatures they have collected in defense of this emergency service, which reopened after the closure of the pandemic but with a plan that the workers described as “chaos”.

In Cantabria, primary care doctors accepted the latest proposal from the Ministry of Health and agreed this Wednesday in assembly to postpone the strike.

Although they have decided to return to work tomorrow in “absolute normality”, the strike, which began on November 7, will not be interrupted until they have the guarantee and the signature of the ministry that the agreement is respected.

Among the advances made in this latest negotiation is the Administration’s commitment to send, as of Monday, November 21, the necessary instructions to the health centers on what to do with patient number 36, without this responsibility falls to the doctors who have already covered an agenda of 35 patients.

With this measure, the Medical Union hopes that demand absorption programs will be established on top of those already in existence from Monday so that by the end of this year, primary care doctors are already working with these schedules for a maximum of 35 patients.

The health situation is a “powder keg” which can explode at any time, as warned at a press conference by the four major health professional unions, which have however excluded for the moment the call for a general strike.

If, when the time comes, the ministry does not respond to their demands, they will not hesitate to call a general strike “if necessary”. “But the current moment is not the one that corresponds”, underlined the president of the CESM, Tomás Toranzo.

The National Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), the Andalusian Union of Doctors (SMA), Metges de Catalunya (MC) and the Medical Union of Euskadi (SME) summoned the Ministry of Health to hear their demands for the improvement of conditions of the profession. .


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