Companies looking for employees this Christmas: Mercadona, Ikea, El Corte Inglés…


the Christmas and with it the campaign of shops and businesses that over the next few weeks and until the beginning of 2023 will need employees, so if you are in the unemployment and you are looking for a job this is a good opportunity to find it. Here are the companies that are looking for employees this Christmas: mercadonaIkea, The Corte Ingles; Take note of each of them, the requirements they ask for and also the salary you can earn.

Stores that need workers at Christmas

Christmas campaign involves shops and stores increasing their staff to be able to supply all the demand of its customers, so if you want to work in supermarkets or stores in general, you may find an offer for the next few weeks that corresponds to what you are looking for. let’s make a I’m reviewing all the companies currently offering jobs for Christmas.


On its website you will find a job portal where there are currently more than 300 offers for different types of delivery people, assistants or supermarket employees. No experience required although you must have a compulsory secondary education diploma (ESO). To access offers You must register on your job portal and as for salary, may vary depending on the position you hold, but the The ATM usually costs around 1,400 euros gross per month.

The Corte Ingles

El Corte Inglés has a portal dedicated to employment ( where you can currently find 190 job offers Of which 74 are for the Community of Madrid only and mainly to cover sales positions, although in this case it seems that one year of experience is required in a similar position and the contract is full-time and part-time partiel. The salary of a clerk at El Corte Inglés is approximately 1,220 euros gross per monthbut you need to add sales incentives.


Zara, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius or Bershka are some of the Inditex stores that share the 100 job offers They offer for Black Friday and Christmas and especially to cover dependent positions. No prior experience required. The basic salary of an Inditex employee is 19,000 euros gross per year although some of the offers are for less than 40 hours of work, so they are charged less.


Lidl currently has 75 vacancies on your job portal for full-time and dependent cashier positions. No previous experience is required and the salary you can earn is 1,200 euros net per month.


The The Ikea job portal via its website currently offers 36 positions fill vacancies for clerks, cashiers and order pickers. Previous experience is valued and the salary is set at 14,733.19 euros gross per year according to department store agreement.

Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin website dedicated to employment ( currently has 1,200 sales jobs for its stores in Catalonia, Community of Madrid, Andalusia and Galicia. The salary of a clerk Leroy Merlin fixed around the 1,170 euros net per month.

Of course

This transport company offers more than 3,000 positions, mainly as a delivery driver for cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga or Seville. To search for vacancies, you need to access their job portal through their website. The salary of a delivery man from Seur is around 1200-1250 euros.


Amazon offers 270 job offers from its job portal to cover positions as well as delivery person, maintenance, customer service or IT personnel.

Being a delivery person or being in the warehouse Compulsory secondary school certificate (ESO) is required and reside in the province where the offer is located.

the salary of a delivery man from Amazon is around €1,165 gross per month, while the mozos warehouse charges about 1300 euros gross monthly.


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