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Tilly Ramsey: The comedian was abused by the chubby speech of the same name

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legend, People mistakenly thought that Nottinghamshire comedian Steve N Allen commented on Tilly Ramsay’s weight

A comedian was mistaken for a radio host. He referred to Strictly Come Dancing star Tilly Ramsay on the radio as a “chubby little thing” and was verbally abused online.

Comedian Steve Allen said that he was mistaken for the LBC host Steve Allen who made the comment.

Ramsey, 19, critical Radio host since then say sorry give her.

Steve N Allen from Nottinghamshire said that because of his comments of the same name, people called him “fat, bald, and ugly.”

Steve Allen
legend, Comedian Steve N. Allen said that various news sites mistakenly used his photos for reporting

Mr. Allen, who appeared on the Late Night Mash TV show, said: “It’s weird because I have never really accepted such toughness. In my stand-up comedies, I don’t do harsh things.

“In general, I tried to be friendly enough. This means that what happened was really unfair. We are filming the last episode of “Late Night Mania” and I saw the report.

“I took a screenshot of this story and said on Twitter,’Let’s go, it’s time to hate other people’s words.’ I think if someone finds me on Twitter and thinks it’s me, they will see this tweet. And realized it wasn’t. Am I not smart?”

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However, he said that various news sites have begun to use his photos in stories.

He said: “Many people looked at my photos and said,’Well, he can’t comment because he is fat, bald and ugly’.

“I didn’t make those comments, so you just spent 48 hours saying I was fat, bald, and ugly.” The irony is that these people spend all their time on the Internet saying to be friendly-maybe try it.

“We shouldn’t decide in our lives to judge people based on their appearance.”

Steve AllenImage Source, Getty Images
legend, LBC host Steve Allen has yet to publicly respond to Ramsay

He said Ramsey’s response to the radio host — what she did via Instagram — was “very good.”

“Imagine what it’s like to hear someone broadcast that kind of comment about you,” he said. “There is no real reason to be mean.”

LBC declined to comment on this matter.

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