Colombian Laura Mora triumphs in San Sebastian with ‘The Kings of the World’ – EFE News


San Sebastian, September 24 (EFE).- The Colombian film ‘The Kings of the World’, directed by Laura Mora, won the 70th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, where it won the Golden Shell.

Here is the full list of winners.

Golden Shell for Best Film: “The Kings of the World”, by Laura Mora

Special Jury Prize: “Runner”, by Marian Mathias

Silver Shell for Best Director: Genki Kawamura

Silver Shell for Best Leading Role: Tied for Carla Quilez, for “The Kindergarten” and Paul Kircher for “The High School”

Silver Shell for Best Supporting Performance: Renata Lerman, for “El suplente”

Best Cinematography Award: Manuel Abramovich, for “Pornomelancolía”

Best Screenplay Award: Dong Yun Zhou and Wang Chao, for “A Woman”

New Directors Award: “Fifi”, by Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan. Special Mention to “On Both Sides of the Pond”, by Parth Saurabh

Zabaltegi Tabakalera Prize: “Godland”, by Hylnur Palmason

European Cinema Audience Award: “As bestas”, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Audience Award for Best Film: “Argentino 1985”, by Santiago Miter

Prix ​​Horizontes Latinos: “I have electric dreams”, by Valentina Maurel

TCM Youth Prize: “To books and women I sing”, by María Elorza

WIP Latam Prize: “The Castle”, by Martín Benchimol

EGEDA WIP Latam Award: “El Castillo”, by Martín Benchimol

WIP Europe Prize: “Hesitation Wound”, by Selman Nacar

RTVE Prize “Another look”: “El sostre groc”, by Isabel Coixet. Special mention to “The Rebel Empress”, by Marie Kreutzer

Irízar Basque Cinema Prize: “Suro”, by Mikel Gurrea. Special mention to “To the books and to the women I sing”, by María Elorza

Feroz Zinemaldia Prize: “The Kings of the World”, Laura Mora

Spanish Cooperation Award: “Noise”, by Natalia Beristáin

Sebastiane Prize: “Something You Said Last Night”, by Luis de Filippis.


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