CODA is the most obscure Oscar winner in its 94-year history.


It is a pity that we have to start this chronicle of the most important and most watched film awards in the world with an incident Will Smith, the real exuberant, to Chris Rock for joking that his wife shaved off her hair while suffering from alopecia. The incident eclipsed everything and perhaps the only thing covered in this edition that will not go down in history as the most unbiased when it comes to prize giving.

Let’s start with the big winner CODAwhich was taken three completely undeserved Oscars. He didn’t even win Best Supporting Actor Troy Kotzurwho appears to have been given it for being deaf in real life; nor Best Picture, which was the least seen by the public in the 94 years of the Oscars and went completely unnoticed both in theaters of the countries in which it was released and on Apple TV; as well as especially the best adapted script, this is the last straw.

CODA a film about a teenage girl who is the only one in her family who can hear. The conflict starts when he joins the choir. The film is French remake. Linen family, infinitely superior to this new version and that it was a success throughout Europe. In the nomination “Best Original Screenplay” deservedly won. Kenneth Brang to Belfastwhere he talks about his childhood in an Irish town.

Another mismatch of the night Netflix punished again give only one Oscar for Best Director to Jane Campion for dog strengthone of those who deserved this victory.

Jane Campion with her Oscar.

The academy can’t look the other way when it comes to Netflixlet’s remember that as a producer he is one of the most invested in movies and they can’t punish him just for being a platform. A punishment that has been repeated in recent years. The academy must open its eyes in the face of what happens day by day and accept the changes that society imposes.

Javier and Penelope left without an Oscar

A few surprises in the rest of the prizes. This is the case of the best actress for the great Jessica Chastain like a regular movie Tammy Faye’s eyes about the famous American televangelist. inexpressible and cruel will smith received the most popular award of the evening – Best Actor for Williams methodwhere he plays the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams.

Will Smith did pompous, misleading, and violent speech for, by the way, saying that “all actions are justified by love”, instead of asking for forgiveness, which he should have done. I only hope that the Academy will force him to apologize or take action, as she did before in much less serious cases than this person, name him something.

Acting Awards Closed Ariana Debose to West Side Storyfrom Steven Spielberg, who, as we all expected, would be one of the losers of the evening. Only this award did not allow him to go to waste. Ariana DeBose won the Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of Anita. Interestingly, in 1961 Rita Moreno got the same Oscar for the same characterRita Moreno, who was sitting next to him.

We cannot ignore the main winner of the evening by the number of statuettes, dunes, with 6. Of course, almost all techniques. The night has had a pleasant aroma for Spain since then, although Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Alberto Iglesias did not win the statuette, our compatriot did. Alberto Mielgo for him animation short film wiper.

Leo Sanchez and Alberto Mielgo.

In the animation section, the Academy once again continues without taking any chances and once again rewarded Disney with an award. Charmnot the best and far from the best as popular Mitchells vs. Machines Netflix or adult animation run away.

I end with two exciting moments, one of them is painful, like the appearance of Liza Minnelli in a wheelchair with Lady Gaga, who had to redirect the Best Picture award as Minnelli became a shadow of himself. Another was to see three great filmmakers on the screen, such as Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro remembering 50 years Godfather. It was a movie and it was a well-deserved Oscar.


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