‘CNN’ asks its presenters not to drink alcohol on New Year’s Eve


The Puritanism which flies over North American society leaves us with another example this Thursday. Today we know that the TV channel CNN asked its presenters to reduce alcohol consumption live during the New Year’s programming to make the transmissions more sober.

In recent years, viewers in the United States have seen AndersonCooper and other network personalities drinking at Times Square, in New York, on New Year’s Eve, while the citizens were having fun behind them. Driver relaxation CNN led to episodes that went viral like the Cooper and co-anchor Andy Cohen while drinking tequila shots. Cooper seemed to have a hard time keeping his cool.

Your colleague Don Lemon also drank alcohol on CNN on TV during New Years Eve, and one year live perforated in one ear. Last year, in a bright blue jacket, fueled by drink, he launched into a rant about his right to speak his mind. ” And you know what ? he asked. “You can fuck my ass, I don’t care. I don’t mind”.

But the heads of CNN they want things to be subdued this year, lest this type of situation damage the reputation of serious journalism that the channel has, the entertainment platform reported Variety.

The issue was discussed at a company event between staff and the new President and CEO Chris Licht. “During the meeting, Licht told employees that he believed drinking on camera eroded the credibility of CNN staff and harmed any ‘respectability’ they enjoyed among viewers,” he reports. Variety.


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