CLM budget for 2023 exceeds entire PP amendment


Toledo (EFE).- The council finance bill for 2023 exceeded the amendment to the totality that the popular group presented to the text and which was debated this Thursday in the plenary session of the Cortes, since the two PSOE – with an absolute majority – and the Cs voted against, while the PP defended it, believing that “it cannot be complicit” in the accounts presented.

In the debate on the amendment to the entirety, which was the first point of the plenary session of the Castilian-Machego parliament held this Thursday, the Minister of Finance and Public Administrations, Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, defended the bill of finances 2023, that it amounts to 12,431.6 million euros and that they were designed in an “exceptional situation”, such as that resulting from the “last pangs” of the pandemic and the effects of the war in Ukraine.

For this reason, he assured that they were prepared with three principles, which are “responsibility, reflection on the present and an uncertain future; with the certainty that the budget can be executed despite the economic instability and with the certainty that the citizens must have” that the expected income will be available and, therefore, that the budgeted expenditure can be carried out.

He also explained that the budget is based on five characteristics, which are “socially expansive, economically ambitious, heavily invested, committed to the demographic challenge and fiscally prudent”.
And all this to achieve the objectives of strengthening the economy, promoting job creation, helping citizens in the face of economic and social difficulties arising from the international context and in the face of the demographic challenge.

However, he rejected the amendment to the totality that the popular group presented, because in his opinion it lacks rigor – he even accused the PP deputy Miguel Ángel Rodríguez of “flagrantly lying” about the increase in forecasts of tax collection – and also “presents a poorer and declining region”.

He also accused the popular group of having copied certain paragraphs of the amendment to the totality that the PP presented to the bill of general state budgets, since he warned that they talk about the perception by corporate tax, a tribute that they do not manage communities with a common system.

PP ensures that the objectives will not be achieved

But Rodríguez, who criticized the adviser for having repeated the same arguments used throughout the legislature to defend his bills, justified the amendment in its entirety because “with these budgets it will not be possible to achieve such lofty and laudable goals as you think you expect”.

The “popular” deputy provided economic data which, according to him, reflects the bad situation of the region, such as the fact that the per capita income in Castilla-la Mancha is 4,000 euros lower than the national average, that the CPI is two points higher than in all of Spain or the unemployment rate is two points higher than the national average and added that, given these data, the regional government has prepared “budgets that are neither real nor social, they are socialists”.

Rodríguez is convinced that neither the income nor the expenses collected in the 2023 accounts will be satisfied, since he has foreseen that the expenses will not be executed – as he denounced what happens year after year – while he qualified of “risky” to defend the anticipated receipts, even if one wondered if there would be a “hidden increase in taxes” in the law accompanying the budget.

“Budgets must guarantee the well-being of citizens, not the well-being of the government”, launched Rodríguez, warning that the Castilian-Manchego executive has “a rather distorted perception of reality and the situation that many families of the region to pass”.

Cs makes the PP ugly which does not offer alternatives

For his part, the deputy for Ciudadanos in the Cortes Javier Sevilla argued that his group would vote against the amendment in its entirety because, in his opinion, presenting this type of amendment “implies in itself a spirit of non-negotiation”, and foresees that the citizens will submit partial amendments.

In this sense, he hoped that these partial amendments could be negotiated, so that, depending on the said negotiation and whether or not they were taken into account, his group would support the bills or not in the final vote, since it wanted to make it clear that, although he does not support the amendment in its entirety, these budgets “are not those of Ciudadanos.”

Likewise, it made the PP ugly that they did not offer an alternative to the Council’s budget, because they could have “presented a complete modification of the budget, with another political ideology and one could assess” which of the two proposals “offers better ideas for reviving the economy” or better social initiatives.

The PSOE accuses the PP of “catastrophist”

For his part, the president of the Socialist group in Parliament, Fernando Mora, rejected that the main opposition group “which wants to be a government, does not tell the citizens what it will do with the budgets”, which, according to him , means that the amendment to the set “is invalidated”.

También ha reprochado que el PP “ha ido buscando y rebuscando cifras para poner lo peor posible” y, tras acusarles de “catastrofistas”, ha denunciado que “para ustedes, Castilla-La Mancha, no es que vaya muy mal, es que va deadly”.

“Is it believable? Do you think people believe it?” Mora asked the “popular”, who he warned that while “the opposition must oppose, their role is not to speak ill of the region”.

After adopting the amendment in full, the members of the regional government will come to Parliament to detail their proposals and the deadline for presenting partial amendments will be opened, with the aim that the budget can be approved in December and can enter into force. effective January 1, 2023. EFE


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