Cleveland Browns Circus Continues: Deshawn Watson Suspended for Season, Will Play in Preseason


Deshawn Watsonhistory with Cleveland Browns hasn’t started on the field yet, but it seems like a long off-field story, and there’s another chapter to share this Wednesday that’s astoundingly amazing given the circumstances of his suspension and immediate future in the NFL.

The Browns themselves have announced that the vast majority of their players will play in their first preseason game next Friday when they visit TIAA Bank Field to face jacksonville jaguarsincluding their passerby who came from Houston Texans.

Goodell: NFL appeal over Watson suspension ‘right thing to do’Hotspot/ESPN

Browns training camp on fire

The Browns training camp is metaphorically on fire because Sue L. RobinsonWatson’s recommended six-game suspension, the NFL decided to appeal the decision, seeking a stiffer sentence that could presumably be for the entire season, although ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the league would seek to make him a permanent ban. .

Watson was traded from Houston to Cleveland last March. Pro Bowl The quarterback signed an unprecedented five-year, $230 million (fully guaranteed) contract, but given the punishment he suffered for violating the NFL code of conduct after being the target of numerous sexual harassment lawsuits, the decision to ban Watson from preseason is drawing significant attention. . Attention.

Browns quarterback Deshawn Watson suspended for six gamesAP

Will the Browns benefit from Watson’s performance in preseason?

In what could be a futile debut, Watson is eligible to play in the preseason as the penalty starts during the regular season, however with no specific time frame for Peter S Harvey consider and decide on the above complaint.

Meanwhile, the owner of Brown Jimmy Haslam also made a statement, telling Mark Muske of The Washington Post that “we will respect and abide by process” regarding the decision made in Watson’s sentencing appeal.


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