Clay Thompson was seen shooting Trinity in full warrior uniforms before the game


Clay Thompson did not work for a year after an Achilles tendon injury before Warriors‘Last season has begun. For those in the know, these Achilles injuries could end a player’s career. In most cases, players are never the same after returning from this type of injury. Only elite players like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant fully recovered from such a severe injury. Seems like it’s time to see Clay Thompson can add himself to this prestigious list. Clay shoots right in front of today’s game in full Warriors uniforms are flooding the internet. It is impossible not to wonder if Thompson can come back to play it Friday… We have some clues to analyze.

Clay Thmpson playing against the Suns today?

The short answer is no, sorry to be disappointed, but Klay physically unprepared for competitive play. Watching him shoot hoops at Warriors The shape was rather cryptic for Warriors fans. But Golden state the medical team confirmed Thompson he still has three weeks to a month before his return. In addition, the man himself appeared on the air earlier Friday to capture a boat ride across the bay. Clay spoke on several different topics in order to give his fans some details about the process of his recovery. He confirmed that the date of the return is difficult to determine, but, like the doctors, he mentioned three weeks and a month. In this video Thompson was also seen in vintage Seattle Sonics tee and asked to return the extinct team.

Thompson appears to be ready to play, but he will wait.

In accordance with ESPNThe glue is ready to play for 20 to 30 minutes, but Clay Thompson it is the one who advises against it. He wants to get back into his best shape and then influence the team. There may be a small chance that he will win a few minutes against Suns tonight, but it’s unlikely. More November 30 Klay already played a full fight, where he seemed to be fully recovered. A day later, the Warriors released a statement in which they recall Klai along with Damion Lee and James Wiseman for team action. We are all looking forward to what happens tonight.

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