Classroom with Palace-Inspired Design in Masbate


Palace-inspired classroom

PALACE-LIKE CLASSROOM: A teacher in the city of Masbate designed her classroom in the style of a palace to encourage her kindergarten students to attend school.

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Classroom makeover is not something new. In this way, students are encouraged to go to their school while being in a seemingly different environment that still encompasses all four corners of a room.

Nowadays, almost all kinds of themes are being drawn as inspiration in a classroom makeover. One of which is a classroom in Masbate that was turned into a palace.

The teacher Rodora Alba said that she thought of it so that her students would also enjoy learning. As a result, almost no children miss class. Her principal now plans to customize the remaining classrooms to motivate other students. Watch the report in the following video:

This is not the first time something like this has happened.

Teacher Michelle Rubio, Reading Coordinator for the Division of Schools-Sorsogon Office turned a car into a mini-library to make learning more enjoyable. She started her project in 2017.

Although she initially targeted the project at one school, she plans to bring the drive-thru reading project to more kids in her school division. For teacher Michelle, there is nothing that makes her feel better than “igniting” the students’ “drive” to learn.

“Since I have those resources, I have that opportunity na makatulong sa mga batang ito, why not [grab] that opportunity? Why not give the opportunity to extend the aid?” she said.

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