Claro starts Christmas with aggressive suggestions


Claro announced the beginning of the Christmas season with aggressive offerings for mobile, landline and TV services, including plans with and without unlimited internet, free smartphones, a wide range of accessories with no interest on Sure. and much more.

They also launched their new ad campaign under the slogan This Christmas #Me Voy pa ‘Claro for $ 2 million.

“At Claro, we started Christmas by offering the client the most requested equipment for free, plans with more internet, great deals and the best guaranteed prices. Over the past two years, Puerto Rico has experienced a technological advancement driven by the pandemic, making it essential to have a reliable and reliable internet connection with the best devices. I invite you to start your Christmas shopping in any of our stores or in our online store with free home delivery, ”said Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, President and CEO of Claro.

Traditionally, the company has reviewed the most significant advances in infrastructure investment. Consistent with this, this year, investments have reached $ 192 million in expanding mobile and fixed network coverage to stay at the forefront and meet the high demand for the Internet, which has increased by 40%.

Commitment to connect all of Puerto Rico

The company, which has the largest fiber deployment in Puerto Rico with over 17,500 kilometers of cable, has reached approximately 400,000 homes with up to 1,000 megabytes of Internet connectivity. In addition, he confirmed his goal for 2022 – 523 thousand homes and businesses with affordable fiber-optic infrastructure.

The company also announced a recent fiber optic rollout in the municipality of Vieques, benefiting a total of 804 homes and businesses. In terms of 5G technology development, they announced that they have demonstrated 44% progress on their 5G networks, benefiting 73 municipalities.

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