Clarissa Ward, a CNN reporter who risked her life in Kabul, left the country


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Reporting on the spot during wartime is not easy. Risking your life for one goal: to inform the world. Clarissa WardThe chief international correspondent of CNN, has been in Kabul, risking his life in the Taliban, until this Saturday, She and hundreds of Afghans were evacuated by US troops to Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Your news report on CNN They travel around the world in social networks She was highly praised, but her life began to be in serious danger in recent days, for which she was forced to leave Afghanistan in the early hours of Friday to Saturday.

“I just landed in Doha with the team, and nearly 300 Afghans were evacuated. Thank you very much for your support and concern, and thank the U.S. Air Force for bringing us to Qatar and welcoming us. We are lucky“The American reporter said on Twitter.

Under the order of the Taliban, information work is very limited, but this The treatment of women by the Taliban makes it more difficultThe reporter was forced to cover his face when talking with men, without showing a single hair, and always dressed in black. In the days before the Taliban occupied Kabul, female reporters had hair, or at least part of it, They are wearing colorful clothes.

This week, the reporter and her team were insulted and lightly attacked by the Taliban during a broadcast.Soon, after a slight attack, the others Taliban soldiers warn the attackers Under the permission of the CNN team to conduct news reports.


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