Civilian corpses keep appearing in Butha: Russia only claims they are actors


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Forty days of war. Forty days of atrocities. In those five weeks, we’ve seen thousands die.but Russian troops massacre Ukrainian civilians in Boucha And the images released this weekend have tested the limits of horror. Abuses, summary executions, corpses in the streets, the dead piled up in mass graves…and most of them are not even combatants, just ordinary citizens.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately aroused the reaction of half of the world leaders and Especially from the European Union (EU), he immediately condemned the incidents and promised new sanctions against Russia. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Joseph Borrellclaiming to be “shocked by news of atrocities committed by Russian troops” and that the EU is “providing assistance to Ukraine to document war crimes”.

“All cases must be prosecuted, especially by the International Court of Justice,” Borrell wrote on his official Twitter account, adding that the EU “will continue to strongly support Ukraine.”

It was Sunday, but bodies continued to appear in Butcha this Monday. A 14-meter-long ditch has been one of them in the grounds of St. Andrew’s Church and All Saints Pyevozvanoho Church in the city of Bha. Latest images from the horrors of war in Ukraine.

in this mass grave Ukrainian authorities find at least 280 buried bodies. Bucha, besieged and bombed for weeks, almost destroyed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Bukha on Monday, while Russian authorities insisted the “atrocities” committed near Kyiv were only a “montage”.

“We have to be able to show the world what’s going on here, what the Russian military has done. We will see those responsible punished. Every day we find cases like this, and this is genocide,” Zelensky said in a speech to the international media.

According to the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), Ukrainian authorities have numbered 340 bodies already buried in Bukha, the city abandoned by Russian soldiers after a summary execution on March 30.

Russia denies

The Kremlin “categorically rejects all allegations” and called on Western leaders not to rush into “groundless accusations”. “At least, let them hear our arguments,” a spokesman for the Russian presidency said. Dmitry Peskovat his daily press conference on Monday.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs went further, Sergey Lavrovwho called the so-called massacre of Buddha statues a “new fake news attack” on Moscow, allegedly set up after Russian soldiers left Moscow.

“A few days later built a scene Representatives of Ukraine and its Western sponsors have shown this through all channels and social networks, he said. Lavrov believes that “this provocation is a threat to peace and security,” which is why Moscow called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

The United Kingdom, which chairs the Security Council, rejected Russia’s request. Ukraine also called on the United Nations to address the killing of civilians and demanded the immediate resignation of the Russian ambassador. In this regard, the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres calls for ‘independent investigation’ lead to “effective accountability”.

U.S. President Joe Biden has demanded “all details for a war crimes trial”. “This man is brutal and what happened to Boucha is outrageous. they will remember they criticized me Calling Putin a war criminal. The truth is, you all saw what happened in Bucha. It justifies him, he is a war criminal, but we have to gather information,” he stressed.

Likewise, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, pledged to support a new package of sanctions against Russia in the wake of what happened in Boucha, which he described as a “war crime.” “Especially on coal and oil, we have to act,” Macron said in a radio interview on Monday France Inter.

Asked if Putin had to respond in court over what happened in the city north of Kyiv, he explained ‘These scenarios are unsustainable’“there are very clear signs of war crimes” and “there is no peace without justice”.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday restricting the issuance of visas to EU countries except Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein because of their “unfriendly behavior” towards Russia.

Retaliation by Moscow will affect official delegations and journalists, while diplomats will no longer be able to enter Russian territory without a visa.


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