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Parishioners of Nick Cave (Warracknabeal, Australia, 1957) went to the cinema this Wednesday because it was in theaters or rather it was shown for the first and only time – those who missed it will have to wait for the DVD to come out if it comes out -, It’s a lot that I know youor be truenew documentary Andrew Dominic about the leader of Bad Seeds and his artistic squire, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis.

It’s a lot that I know to be true was filmed in the spring of 2021, shortly before Cave and Ellis, freed from corsets due to the pandemic, toured the UK presenting songs from their latest album, carnival. In fact, the musicians who appear in the film accompanied them on this tour, with the exception of the string quartet and the guitarist. George VesticaThe only one bad seed convened for the occasion, which participates in a magnificent interpretation of the powerful “White Elephant”.

Caramelito for coffee producers, tape, mmore than a documentary, This en grateful concert understudy – in our country, it will operate only in Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ​​June 4–. It has a lot of the hypnotic and transcendent spectacle of the Cave Dance as the Old Testament prophets were supposed to dance and sing/preach gems from his recent songbook such as “Bright Horses”, “Hollywood”, “Lavender Fields” or “The Balcony Man”. . Repertoire of the first part It’s a lot that I know to be true consists of solemn, intimate and emotional songs ghost. The little ghost of her son sneaks through them unnoticed. Arthurwho died seven years ago in a fall from a cliff in Brighton, it seems – his father denied this in Once again with feeling, also directed by Dominic – LSD post. The second part consists of fragments carnival, in which there is more light, electricity and catharsis. The songs sound great, although there are times when their editing becomes excessive both are badly hidden reproduction.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this musical menu is so, I insist, generous, excellent and magnetic, marginalize Cave and Ellis’ intervention in their lives, their friendship and, above all, their artistic relationship. Flashes, shall we say, journalistic, very few, they are full of compadreo, clarity and sense of humor. curious fan /voyeur He is happy to know that during the pandemic, the singer became a potter and made up a story about the devil in 18 figurines, to see the impossible computer desktop of his squire, or, above all, to know how the songs stop. “A lot of terrible things happen,” Cave says, “when Warren and I are in a room, but…” What follows is butbeauty is born.

also in It’s a lot that I know to be trueCave also talks about his role as a quasi- trainer online Red hand files, in which it takes him a couple of days to answer “desperate questions from people who have no one to turn to”. In response to a user, he defines himself more than as a musician and writer, “as a man, husband, father and friend, and a citizen who makes music and writesHe says that he “understands the world much better” and that this makes him happier, although happiness does not mean too much to him. A few days ago another of his sons died, Jethro, 31 years old, with whom he did not have a relationship until the boy reached the age required for the first communion. “We would appreciate it if the family’s privacy is respected at this time,” the grieving father said in a statement. Let’s hope that, as he sings in “The Song of the Spinning Wheel”, peace will come to him in time.


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