Circumstances may finally bring Real Madrid and Pogba together in 2022

Paul pogba and RealMadrid are two words that you’ve seen written close to each other countless times, but for some reason the two sides just never came to an agreement, but circumstances may finally bring them together in 2022.

RealMadrid living well within their means after years spent trying to keep up with Lionel Messi and Barcelona, nose Cristiano Ronaldosalaries are not counted for several years and then go away Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, White look to the future, which is not so scary.

There is money for reinforcements in the current window, but Madrid expects this to be another quiet transmission window from Meringue, with Carlo Anchelotti will likely have to wait until 2022 for a new multitude of new players.

Why is 2022 for Paul Pogba?

Pogbacontract with Manchester United The contract expires on June 30, 2022, and there has been little progress in the French’s contract renewal at Old Trafford.

Manchester United bringing Pogba Returning to the club didn’t work, despite many great short-line performances over five seasons.

Pogba could not carry on Manchester United In the way the club hoped, the Frenchman turned out to be a minor character and not an anchor around which you build.

Combined learned that from their own bitter experience in the form of a modest 100 million euros, but so far Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admire Pogbahis talent, the club understands that his final departure will not necessarily make the team much worse.

So the plan was to try and re-sign Pogba to renew, but also be open to let him sign PSG in the current window. Combined were delighted with the idea of ​​contributing a modest fee of £ 50m to £ 60m and continuing with their midfield plans. Bruno Fernandez

PSG played a waiting game, seeing Pogba will insist on leaving, as well as make a list of players who could possibly support Kylian Mbappe stay, and who is better than his international World Cup-winning counterpart?

The question that will soon be given the most decisive answer … Lionel Messi

Events concerning the future of the Argentine have thrown a wrench to work with Pogba given the fact PSG can no longer legally afford a huge new salary, and they do not need to try to save Mbappe just as happy as before. PSG have a new attraction in Messi and he will get all the attention of the club.

What’s next?

Well it put Pogba in hard situation. PSG perfect for him, as his playstyle matched his penchant for drifting in matches. His lack of attention to his half will not be noticed in Ligue 1 and he will be surrounded by stars as before. Juventus when he looked like that himself.

Now he must make the choice to re-sign with Combined or fulfill his dream of playing for Whiteeven if his interest has faded since Zinedine Zidanedeparture.

RealMadridhowever, by 2022 they will need to replenish their midfielders and Pogba a free shuttle could be a very tempting offer.

All worries about PogbaBad rating and defensive focus are simply irrelevant if you don’t pay the transfer fees for it.

RealMadrid will always be in the Champions League – LaLiga Santander is easier in terms of getting into the top 4 – so Pogba there should never be a Europa League embarrassment that has become too regular at Old Trafford, while White would get a very top selling star for a reasonable fee.

Mbappe? Kamaving?

PogbaThe eventual arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium would also be a positive development as it could usher in a new era for the club.

Mbappe is an Florentino Perezgoal number 1, and Pogba joining, of course, will not displease the French striker.

It would have added some backbone to the 2018 World Cup winning team, although it may have ended. Meringue‘pursuit Eduardo Kamavinga

Manchester United like the young midfielder but won’t buy it if Pogba will remain part of their team by September 2021, which could give the youngster an extra season to shine in Rennes and become an even more valuable self-signed Boseman.

RealMadrid then it will be necessary to make a choice between the pair, but allowing Combined free run in Kamaving can definitely help them achieve finally Pogba to the capital of Spain, completing the transfer that the player has wanted for years.

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