Chuameni backs Benzema after surreal allegations in Champions League final


Aurélien Chuameni took to social media to show his support Karim Benzemawhose name appeared in the accusations of a former French minister and a French journalist when discussing incidents before Champions League the final.

The match was delayed for half an hour as the police struggled to control fans outside the Stade de France.

In a video that went viral on social media, Luke Ferry and Pascal Proud mentioned Valbuena case to emphasize that the message sent to the fans was that “fairness does not exist and that there are no rules”.

Benzema was found guilty back in November of blackmail Mathieu Valbuenahis ex France teammate due to the sex tape scandal.

Chuameni did not hesitate to quote a post with a video on Twitter and supported RealMadrid attack.

“Wait! Is this video serious?” wondered White the purpose of the transfer.


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