Christian Gálvez presents the clone of ‘Pasapalabra’ in full check on Antena 3


bad time for fans Pass word. Although this program had already established itself as one of the great assets of Antena 3’s afternoons, the truth is that there is a part of the program that will have to be eliminated in the most sudden way. And it is that, The Court of Barcelona has upheld the appeal of the production company MC&F Broadcasting Production and Distribution CV against Atresmedia for using the space known as the donutthus ordering the cessation of its emission. A movement that could cause a terrible setback for the chain and for the program in question, and perhaps something very positive for the former presenter on Telecinco, Christian Gálvez.

Christian Gálvez in ‘High Tension’ / Telecinco

It’s been almost three years since Pass word went from being part of the fuencarral chain to Antena 3, which is why the former Almudena Cid He also ended up disassociating himself from a television format that had brought him much joy, such as meeting his wife until a few months ago. What perhaps he could not imagine, is that the space would suffer a decline due to which they would now be about to do without one of its key sections, something that could be quite an opportunity given the new stage it is about to enter. to kick off.

Christian Galvez
Christian Gálvez, in Pasapalabra / Mediaset

Although the exact date is not yet known, everything indicates that very soon the current boyfriend of Patricia Pardo will return to the Telecinco grid by the hand of 25 wordsan adaptation of 25 words or less which is based on a traditional game from the United States. To carry out this space, two teams will be needed, a part of these made up of familiar faces, which will have to compete in three rounds. In the first, various members are called to the host’s podium one by one, while they are shown a list of five words that they will have to transmit to their teammates in just 45 seconds. The host will have to make an initial offer of established keywords, while the rest of the contestants will place bets to match these and thus complete the round.

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in 'The Ana Rosa Program' / Telecinco
Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ / Telecinco

The second round It will also have the contestants on the podium, although on this occasion, the celebrities will be in a room outside the set without being able to hear anything, while their classmates will have to make five sets of three words of different difficulty that the acquaintance will then have to guess correctly. . And lastly, the third round is known as the money roundand for this the champion will have to transmit 10 words to celebrities with the help of 25 keywords, having the opportunity to win the grand prize of 10 thousand dollars, although it is not known if in the Spanish version the amount will be modified to the high or to lowers it

Be that as it may, what does seem to be clear is that this is a golden opportunity for the one of Móstoles when it comes to returning to the Telecinco network with a space that promises to be the clear competitor of Pass word.


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