Christian Gálvez confesses how his first date with Patricia Pardo went


the presenter Christian Gálvez, 42, and journalist Patricia Pardo, 39 are about to celebrate their first anniversary together. After the shocking news of the break of it with Almudena Cidformer rhythmic gymnast, after twelve years of relationship.

Christian and Patricia were very happy together. So much so that recently They decided to go further in their relationship. How? Moving together to the house of the Galician with her two daughters, north of Madrid.

Although they have been in a relationship for almost a year, at the moment they have not shared almost any pictures together, because they prefer to keep their relationship away from the media spotlight and live with more intimacy. On the occasion of the premiere of his new program entitled 25 wordsThe team of outside subjected the presenter to a game where he had to react to situations that occur in your daily life. He took the opportunity to tell how his love story began with Patricia Pardo.

I was lucky that with my partner everything went very well, we had a coffee and everything went wellhe answered the question of whether it’s right or wrong to find excuses not to meet people you don’t want to go with. The couple lives a magical Christmas and they took the opportunity to go on vacation to Vienna. A romantic getaway they bragged about through their social media.

The host of the contest as Password Yes High tension decided to embark on a new challenge, 25 words, issued in Telecinco. The mechanics of the program tries to face two teams each afternoon consisting of an anonymous contestant and two celebrities to overcome great challenges. Additionally, viewers will be able to play from home. You will have to wait until December 19 to take advantage of it.


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