Chris Pratt And His Wife Katherine Spotted Kissing Each Other On A Casual Outing With The Kids!


Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine, were spotted spending time with the children as a family in Los Angeles. It’s very clear that the famous couple is in front of the camera and showing their love. But sometimes they want a private space away from the cameras and media attention, but these things get a lot more attention than they think.

Whether it’s about a casual outing with their partner or a special move through hiking, everything is captured right before the eyes of the fans. Something similar has happened recently with many Hollywood celebrities, especially those who are married or engaged. Among them are Chris Pratt and Katherine.

This couple is the sweetest, and most importantly, the sweetest parent, as we can see this on their trip. The couple’s recent debut took place in Los Angeles, where 43-year-old actor Chris Pratt was seen with his wife and two daughters. Showing his love for his wife, the actor could not help himself on this beautiful trip and stole a kiss from his wife.

Chris Pratt is best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. As for his last outing, he wore a black baseball cap and a black T-shirt with black pants.

The writer’s wife, on the other hand, was wearing black tights with a blue T-shirt and a black baseball cap. She also wore glasses and her hair was tied in a small pony.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Chris Pratt, Katherine and Kids from Family Outing.

One of the girls was seen on the tram and the other with them. He wore a stained shirt and tan leggings with sneakers. Daughter’s sneakers matched with their mother.

As for the kiss, the little moment came when they both stopped for a while and Chris Pratt looked directly at his wife. The couple gave birth to their second daughter in May 2022.

The actor announced this good news on Instagram and informed his followers about the exciting news. They named their daughter Eloise.

Chris Pratt also fathers a son named Jack, who is 10 years old, from his ex-girlfriend Anna. The couple broke up in 2017 but are very close to each other. It is their parents who bring them together and thus become good friends. It’s not just about Chris Pratt and Anna, it’s about Katherine, who’s on good terms with her ex-wife.

As for Anna’s words, she said that they got very close to each other and she appreciated that. Both couples are very protective of him and the same goes for them.


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