Chris Paul’s Phoenix Suns team destroy Jason Tatum’s Boston Celtics


Ddespite losing this winning streak against Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul and Phoenix Suns proved that in today’s game against Boston Celtics… We’re talking about a team that has ups and downs, but they can refuse when they need to. Jason Tatum played well overall, but facing the best team in the league could be detrimental to any other team. Tonight in Talking Stick Resort Arena, Chris Paul headed Phoenix Suns to another dominant victory, which ended with him scoring 10 points but 12 assists. Not devin booker this time because he is still recovering from injury. Anyway, Javail McGee really showed 21 points and 15 rebounds.

But the most important aspect of this Suns team is the involvement of each player in the squad. A total of 7 players scored double-digit numbers today against Boston Celtics. Paul and McGee were outstanding performers, but Cameron Payne not that far with 17 points. Jason Tatum had a fruitful night, but his teammates were too tame for this mighty Suns team. Boston’s star dropped 24 and Dennis Schrder scored 15. At the end of the game, the Suns won confidently with 21 points with a final score of 111-90. It was not the best night for these Celtics but the next stone will give them a chance to lift themselves up.

What’s next for the Suns and the Celtics?

Today’s defeat has left Boston Celtics with a score of 13-14, which left them stranded for the next game. Will visit them on Monday Yannis and Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns after two days of rest, they will have a tough next game when they come to Los Angeles to fight LA Clippers… Their win today pushed them to a record of 21-4. But if we only look at the statistics of this team from Arizona, they are confidently heading for the second season in a row as the most dominant team in Nba… They may have lost the championship last season, but it is not easy for the Suns to beat the team.

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