Chris Evans Reaction: ‘She-Hulk’ Reveals Captain America’s Ten-Year Virginity Secret


Tthere was a lot of computer debate about Marvel Cinematic Universe which have left us all puzzled for years, but perhaps no one as much as Captain America possible virginity. Over the past decade, many questions have been raised about the good old Virgin status of Steve Rogers. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the newsshe is the hulk‘episode on Disney Plus.

character holder Jennifer Walters addresses this same debate in two separate moments during Episode 1 of the show, which premiered on Thursday. In the first video, Walters details how Rogers never had the small change to lose his virginity in the 1940s before he was frozen for 70+ years. after returning Captain America plunged into the battle with the villains to save the universe. Put away the captain’s busy schedule, Walters is really right in that first clip.

Hulk reveals the truth about Captain America’s virginity

Before continuing their conversation, she and her cousin are interrupted by a spaceship. Bruce Banner at the beginning of the episode, and the issue is not addressed until an unexpected scene in the end credits. After the episode ends, Walters appears slightly agitated and almost crying at the prospect of Captain America’s death as a virgin. She refers to his ass when she regrets his situation, but Bruce Banner makes a shocking discovery.

As it turned out, the captain began an affair with a lady during his USO tour in 1943. We have our theories and hints that appear on’Captain America: The First Avenger‘. The blonde looks at him as he greets the fans, she could very well be the one who took Virginity of Steve Rogers.

Plot inconsistencies with Steve Rogers’ virginity

But we also forget about a very important factor that no one talks about, which is the return of Steve Rogers to the past inAvengers: Endgame‘. In one of the final scenes of the film, the old Steve Rogers shows that he is married and proves that he lived a long life, probably Peggy Carter.

We cannot think that he remained a virgin, being a happily married man. He probably even has several children with Peggy. So you guys got it, Captain America, definitely the hell! Ace Jennifer Walters put it in that end credits scene. Actor Chris Evans reacted cheerfully.


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