Choosing the Right Control System and Panel

The use and application of a pump control system and panel for your pump motors can reduce energy consumption while also providing for more convenient operations. These controlling platforms can effectively control electrical motors powering the mechanical pumps. A pump control system may connect to many different devices for monitoring a process and may start or stop a pump motor based on the readings of variables, including level, pressure, flow, and temperature. 

The devices connected to a pump control panel and system may include:

  • Temperature sensors– Useful towards controlling the motors following the temperature rating
  • Motor overload– Protect the motors when the readings go beyond the permitted amp reading 
  • Flow sensors– Determines whether the fluid flow is at an optimal level
  • Level sensors– Ensure that the pump never runs dry

Choosing the Most Appropriate Pump Control System for an Application

The pump control systems and panels can effectively monitor and control flow and pressure levels and other variables in real-time. The application of pumping equipment is tuned towards the requirements of a given process. It is essential to choose a pump control system and panel following the operational requirements so that the needs are fulfilled, and the objectives are met. For instance, it is essential to maintain the levels of the flow in farming applications of pumps. The remoteness and distances involved with the operations are also to be considered while choosing the right control. Therefore, variables, including flow level and distance, should be prioritized while choosing a pump control panel and system.

The new smart pump controllers have many features that make them highly useful and desirable in these applications. The pump motor can be turned “on” and “off” through the use of SMS remotely, and hence distance is no longer a constraint towards smooth operations. With the use of these new-age systems, the pumps can also be controlled through IVRS or missed calls.

A smart pump controller can also protect the pump from many different adverse situations, including current and phase imbalances, phase failures, current overloading, and rotor lock. The new controllers can monitor and control many different parameters and variables, including power factor, kWh, kW, current, and phase voltage. Farmers are no longer required to operate the pumps manually, and the control systems and panels make their job much easier.

Further, there is also a certain level of security associated with the new control systems. The system includes sensors and functions for theft detection and can monitor all the terminals continually. The alert messages are sent to the relevant numbers whenever there is a need. For instance, an alert message may be generated whenever the control system and panel is shifted from its initial location. SMS will also be generated when any terminal is removed. The systems can add and delete the users, and maintain the database of registered users so that access is restricted.

The pump control system you choose should provide for the integration of starters as well. As we know, starters are quite crucial towards protecting the pump motors from current overloads. Many leading firms offer customized pump control systems and panels at a reasonable cost. It is good to consult these reputed firms and to describe all the issues and operational details. Communication and consultation will ensure that the most effective pump control system and option are chosen. 



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