Chivite: “We will advance in autonomy and the Civil Guard will not leave”


Pamplona (EFE).- The President of the Government of Navarre and Secretary General of the PSN, María Chivite, indicated this Saturday that Navarre “will advance in autonomy and the Civil Guard will not leave” in relation to the care traffic powers.

The president intervened at the regional committee of her party where she affirmed that she had no words to “qualify the action of the right with the transfer of Trafic, bringing ETA into the debate”. “Wasn’t the right wing of Miguel Sanz and Aznar the first to announce a transfer deal 23 years ago? Was there not unanimity among the political forces to move forward on this issue? Didn’t Navarra Suma have this question in his electoral platform?

“If they do it, it is to move forward, if we achieve it, it is to throw the Civil Guard out of this Community. It is hypocrisy. This is the only path they use to gain power because they have no proposal for Navarre or for Spain”, he criticized.

“Stop manipulating, the UPN has reneged on its own founding principles, the false story that the UPN stands for self-government and the rest of us break Spain is over. Is a lie. Their mask fell, the abandonment of their own acronyms meant the abandonment of their own historical positions and of a political consensus that so far no one has questioned,” he added.

In this sense, the Secretary General of the PSN indicated to the affiliates that “no one should divert us from our path, from our work. We must continue and claim coexistence”.

“This legislature, we have advanced more than in the last 20 years. The right understands being Navarro with whom she puts the biggest flag. We will continue to advance if the socialists continue in government. My commitment is more and better Navarre,” he said.

Chivite takes stock of the “achievements and progress” of the government of Navarre. EFE/Jesus Diges

Satisfied with the work of your government

Chivite took stock of the action of his government and assured that “there are some who have not given a penny” for his minority executive. “It is growing, with a pandemic and with the war which has added complexity. They believed that the parliamentary minority would be a failure, they preached it and they continue to do so. They don’t assume they lost the government,” he said, pointing to the right. “We were lucky to have allies in the Spanish government,” he said.

“We have carried out all the legislative initiatives, based on dialogue and agreement, the parliamentary minority has become a social majority, with a budget that strengthens public services and a tax proposal that supports low incomes,” he said. he declares.

Agreements with “anyone who sits down to negotiate”

Regarding the agreement for his endorsement with EH Bildu, he explained that “agreements have been made in transparency, agreements that are public because we have nothing to hide, and we have done it with whoever wanted to s sit down and negotiate. It is important to understand that the answers are articulated in the policies. Esparza practiced an empty chair policy, not a single proposal. Isolate yourself, make yourself irrelevant, not even influence. I don’t think anyone with common sense understands this decision, what good is the UPN in politics?

Chivite defended the “advances and achievements” of his executive in a “complicated legislature”. He assured that “when a socialist leads, Navarre advances and we put results on the table”. “This is our letter of introduction for the elections” for which an objective has been set, “to grow and broaden social support”.

In this sense, he indicated that his party has “magnificent candidates”. Among them is current councilor and government spokesperson Elma Saiz, who this week announced her candidacy for the Pamplona City Council, which she said would be “the mayor of Pamplona”.


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