Chinese missile flying through America is out of control and will crash tomorrow


TI have Aerospace Corporation informed the public that the time window for the re-entry of an out-of-control Chinese rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere would begin on Saturday, July 30 at 3:24 p.m. New York time, however this could be a difference of more or less than seven hours.

Flight safety threat

The Long March 5B rocket took off from China on July 24 to target the Tiangong space station with the new module, but its fuel got out of control and is expected to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, crossing several populated areas. it is assumed that the missile could hit South America.

The Aerospace Corporation specializes in analyzing the trajectories of large human-built ships.

South America could become a strike zone

The Aerospace Corporation predicts that possible landing trajectories for Chinese rocket fragments could include the United States, Mexico, coastal areas and South America in general, with a high probability of reaching some provinces of Argentina.

Experts agree that uncontrolled re-entry is not common, at least not with objects of this huge size, regularly rocket boosters do not leave earth orbit and fall into the ocean or other areas where it is safe not to hurt anyone harm. in operation.

problems with Chinese missiles

This time, however, the Chinese rocket fuel did reach Earth orbit, making it completely impossible to control how it would return to Earth, and it is thought that between 20 and 40% of its total mass will survive re-entry into the atmosphere and impact the surface. planets.

Those in the know show that both small and medium tanks and engine components are not likely to break down in the atmosphere, about 5 to 9 metric tons.


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