China’s lack of definition further weakens Vladimir Putin’s position in Ukraine


calls between Joe Biden and habit Kim Ping It lasted for two hours, but barely enough to move China his one inch ambiguity throughout the conflict.Nor does it appear to be aimed at acknowledging Beijing In this delicate situation, reaffirm Xi Jinping as a privileged interlocutor and avoid his military bias against Russia by all means.Strictly speaking, neither condition join in neither West They need something else: their mid-foothold to eventually drown Putin.

Although the tone diplomatic American Been somewhat threatening before this call, even talking about “Warning” and “Sanctions” Not too insistent on this situation China that with frying pan by the handleNot too possible Biden Want to put too much pressure on each other.

The goal of the West now is not to intimidate China, but to convince China that it can be as comfortable on one side as the other without having to make a choice.After all, the EU and the US are Best Business Partner in Chinafar ahead of Russia itself.

However, Xi still refuses to condemn the invasion of Ukraine in this way. The message from Beijing is as confusing as ever, able to suggest one thing and the opposite without a problem. China’s ambassador to Ukraine, Fan Xianrong, announced in Lviv on Wednesday that China would never attack the Ukrainian people and that, in fact, they were willing to help them financially.

Hours later, a senior foreign official in the Chinese government confirmed the Chinese ambassador’s remarks. “Little by little”, but again refused to position itself around possible military aid to Russia. In other words, China promised not to attack Ukraine…but not to prevent Russia from continuing to do so.

The most repeated word in Beijing’s official statement is “Peace”. Xi Jinping himself conveyed to Biden the need to “end the conflict” because it is not in anyone’s interest. By the way, his insistence has been the foundation of his foreign policy for many years: the protection of national sovereignty.

It is clear that Beijing does not like Putin’s military intervention at all, much less in these respects. The other thing is that they will publicly acknowledge this, or strategically speaking, they are interested in clearly placing themselves on the Western front, and in a few months may condemn them for similar actions in Taiwan.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in June 2019.


Xi Jinping re-elected

The West’s advantage is that, in this particular case, despite the aggressive rhetoric of the Secretary of State Anthony BlinkenOn Thursday, he insisted that China’s neutrality would only hurt Putin’s “consequences” if it supplied Russia with weapons.

The ideal thing for Europe and the US would be to have one more ally in the UN Security Council, thus dramatizing Putin’s loneliness on the international stage…but that’s not going to happen. China believes in multilateralism, and multilateralism includes Russia. He needs Russia to be strong so the West doesn’t grow again.

Now, to help Putin, the Russian president has to let go. China doesn’t want problems at the border, disaster in a world destined to inherit economics, politics and military for decades, and it doesn’t want to lose customers.

Extending the utility of dominating Chinese politics since the founding of the nation Deng Xiaopingwhat cat they might be looking at white or black He was the last to catch the mouse. It would be reckless to publicly support Russia when it cannot alone win a war that is thought to be settled in a few days. We have already said that the positioning of opposition is unthinkable.

It should also be kept in mind that Xi Jinping faces re-election this year as secretary-general of the Communist Party of China. Central Committee of the Communist Party of China After ten years at the helm. This should force you to play your tricks as conservatively as possible.According to reports New York Times In Friday’s edition, Chinese social networks will begin to express dissatisfaction with Russia’s stance.

No one wants to ally with someone who kills civilians and bombs hospitals. Zelensky’s position, on the other hand, is precisely that of someone who is fighting against an external threat, a bit like what the Chinese had in mind during centuries of foreign raids.

On March 11, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On March 11, Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Putin can’t do anything without China’s help rebuild your army. You have nowhere to look. On Friday, it was known that India, another developing country that makes up the BRICS group — the initials of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — will buy more oil and raw materials from Russia in exchange for deep discounts. Putin will always find economic partners because he has a lot to sell… The other thing is for him to find military partners, which he needs now.

Pride in blocking a deal

In Ukraine, weeks have passed and Russian desperation has grown, with attacks in the western part of the country, where they are least interested in consuming energy.While Ukraine has acquired weapons, state-of-the-art technology to strengthen its air defenses or shoot down armored vehicles from almost all EU countries, Switzerland and the United States during this time, Russia has not even been able to update your troops And continue searching in Ossetia, the Pacific, Syria, or wherever you need to cover the mass casualties that are taking place.

The military disaster has become the talk of pundits around the world. Preparing for an offensive destined to occupy the Ukrainian stretch of state seems complicated. Even so, in principle the worst is yet to Volodymyr Zelensky is being updated, and Vladimir Putin has nowhere to get new weapons. He lacks the powerful allies that the enemy has.

That’s why he turned to China, that’s why it’s so important that China buys all the wheat it wants, sends him many messages of support…but doesn’t help him militarily. Preventing the sale of weapons would be very complicated, but all countries do. Another thing is to give up part of the arsenal as the West has done with Ukraine.

In that case, we would obviously have two opposing sides…but just as China does not want Russia to be isolated, it is not interested in a hostile bilateral relationship. A new cold war. Things, as they are now, are fine. This is what Xi Jinping has to convince Putin: stay in Donbass, be content with the current NATO borders, get some assurances that the borders will not be expanded, and stop attacking sovereign states in the name of national brotherhood. China has enough different races to not want to participate in these competitions.

Without explicit help from China, Putin very complicated Significant progress in Ukraine will have to worry more about a possible counteroffensive. Take care of the position taken and the other point. Basically, it should be enough for you, but it’s already something to be proud of. China is vague and practical, Russia is fatalistic and epic. always the same. Another thing is that the rest of us end up going crazy.

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