China calls for ‘ceasefire’ in Ukraine to find ‘solution’ after Putin speech


China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested this Wednesday ‘Ceasefire’ finds ‘solution’ for Ukraine war. statements arrive in the following order Vladimir Putin decides on partial mobilization 300,000 reservists to increase its military strength in Donbass.

“We call on all important parties to Ceasefire through dialogue And find a solution as soon as possible to respond to the legitimate security concerns of all parties,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in remarks reported by AFP.

This is the first time the Chinese government has spoken in this way about Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine war on February 24.However, the spokesman assured China’s position on the conflict “It’s always been clear, nothing has changed”and by “respecting the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine,” while focusing on the “legitimate concerns of all countries,” referring to Russia.

[Vladimir Putin moviliza a 300.000 reservistas: “Utilizaremos todos los medios y no es un bluf”]

“Every effort leads to a peaceful solution to this crisis”. Likewise, Beijing declared its opposition to sanctions against Moscow, citing “no basis in international law” and “no solution to the problem.”

The spokesman’s statement came after the Russian president announced he would use his 300,000 to reinforce Russian troops in Ukraine. Reservists.

In a televised address on Wednesday, the Russian president announced that part of the mobilization will begin on Wednesday after he signed a decree allowing the operation and will Legal status of all volunteers fighting in the DonbassPutin insisted that this was a “partial mobilization” that would only affect the reserve army, “not a full mobilization” and that all involved would receive additional training.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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