China approves inhaled Covid vaccine


China approves inhaled Covid vaccine

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China has become the first country to approve an inhaled coronavirus vaccine.

Made by CanSino, it contains similar ingredients to its injectable vaccine, using a harmless adenovirus as a carrier of the genetic code to teach the body how to fight the new coronavirus.

Inhale a fine mist and Convidecia Air provides great protection after a breathDesignated company.

Other researchers, including teams in the UK and the US, have looked at nasal spray vaccines.

Scientists say these could provide additional immunity in the lining of the nose and upper airways, where Covid normally enters the body.

China’s National Medical Products Administration has approved CanSino to use its inhaled vaccine as a booster dose.

He can complete the protection of those who have been jabbed, the experiment shows.

Meanwhile, the latest Covid vaccine booster plans have been launched in England, Wales and Scotland.

Infection rates in the UK are falling – but health chiefs predict a resurgence of coronavirus and flu this autumn and winter.

They urge eligible people to protect themselves from serious illnesses by getting both vaccines.

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