Child voters: INEC says discovery is proof of transparency


the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says the testimony of child voter and many registered voters in its Voter Display Scheme is a sign of its “commitment to transparency”.

This is exposed in a statement by INEC on Thursday afternoon after the commission discovered many registered voters and those below voting age in its data.

INEC said that at the end of the exercise it hopes to “improve the quality of the voters’ register.”

INEC said it started publishing the preliminary register of voters on November 12 in 8,809 registration areas (wards) across the country.

They added that this is the first time the register has been published online in the history of Nigeria.

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INEC stated that the purpose of the demonstration was to make Nigerians check the preliminary register and make claims about misspellings of names, personal details, or missing names “for people who are under the age of 18, dead persons, foreigners or those who make false claims, so that they can be deleted from the register.

They also urged that the context against which recent media reports about the presence of ineligible registrants should be seen.

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  • “The full display of all registrants speaks to the commission’s commitment to transparency. The fact that these potentially ineligible registrants are known means that the purposes of display for claims and objections fulfilled”.

They encourage the general public to follow the procedures and report that these requirements have been met.

  • “We want to assure Nigerians that the commission is committed to transparency and accountability in all its activities,” said INEC.

Display of physical copies: INEC will begin displaying physical copies of the register for claims and objections at two levels, first at the registration area level from the 13th to the 18th of November, and at the local level government, which ends on the 25th of November.


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