Child Support: Does every child receive Child Support in the UK?


OROne of the most common benefits in the United Kingdom is Child support and it is paid to almost every child under the age of 16. However, it is paid only once, so children under the supervision of multiple parents or guardians will only be eligible for one of those parents or guardians.

In this guide, we are going to outline the selection criteria for receiving child support in the United Kingdom

Who can qualify for UK Child Benefit?

The reason for paying child support is because the money is to help the parents cover some of the standard parenting costs.

“You are generally eligible for Child Benefit if you are responsible for a child under the age of 16 (or under 20 if they continue to receive approved education or training) and live in the UK,” is how the UK government begins to explain this benefit in its Official site.

“You are usually responsible for the child if you live with or pay at least the same amount as Child Benefit (or its in-kind equivalent) for childcare, such as food, clothing or pocket money. . “

Which children are not eligible for Child Support in the UK?

There are several circumstances in which child support is not paid. This includes, but is not limited to, when a child:

  • Is in a hospital or residential institution and will be there for more than 12 weeks – unless you are still spending money on the child’s needs.
  • He is 16 years of age or older, has completed a full-time study or internship, and works more than 24 hours a week.
  • Has been in jail or custody for the past eight weeks.
  • During the past eight weeks, he has been under the supervision of the local authorities.
  • Receives income-based unemployment benefits, universal credit, tax credits, income support, or employment and support benefits.
  • Married or in a civil partnership – unless they either do not live with their partner or their partner is not in full-time education or training.

How much do you get in the UK for Child Benefit?

In the UK, there are two different child benefit rates: 21.15 is paid per week for the oldest child or for an only child. Then each additional child brings 14 a week into the home.

The money is paid every four weeks, although it can be paid weekly if you are a single parent.

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