Child allowance payments until 2022: how much will payments increase?


Prent in United Kingdom are set to receive a boost of cash when it comes to cash Child support payments next year, as an increase of 3.1% is expected from April 2022 in addition to some other benefits.

The reason for the increase in the percentage lies in the rise in the cost of living, and this can also be seen from State pensionwhich will grow to 288.60 per year, and Universal loanwhich will rise to 189.72 for the pair.

In the UK, millions of families receive Child support payments, but not every family can receive this material assistance. Below we explain how much you can get in 2022-2023.

What is the amount of child support?

Two Child support there are rates: one for the older child, and the other for all subsequent children.

The current rate for the oldest or only child is 21.15 per week, which is 84.60 per month, or just over 1,000 per year.

Then, for each of your kids, that would be 14 per week, which is 56 per month, or just over 700 per year.

How Much Child Benefit Payments Will Grow in 2022?

The aforementioned 3.1% growth when it comes to Child support next year’s payments will begin in April 2022 and will remain in effect until April 2023.

Thus, you can expect to receive the following amount:

  • For first or only child: 21.80 per week
  • For each additional child: 14.45 per week

This gives an additional 33.80 and 23.40 per year, respectively, for each bet.

How to get child support

Child support payments are usually sent every four weeks, Monday or Tuesday, but if you are a single parent or have certain other benefits, such as Income Benefit, you may receive it weekly.

Apply for Child support, you will need to go to and apply.

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